Valentine's Day Collection

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This gorgeous special edition candle collection is perfectly curated for those in (and out) of love! Each 6 oz. candle comes in either a gold or black glamorous tin, and are hand crafted with all natural ingredients. The maple wood wick, phthalate-free fragrance oils, pure essential oils, and 100% natural soy wax ensure a clean and pure burn in your home for up to 30+ hours! This collection is available in these scents: Single & Loving It and You're The One For Me.

Scent Notes:

Single & Loving It

Not a Valentine's Day fan? Single & Loving it? This candle is for you--nothing against love but when you need to focus on yourself, your family, wherever you are in your life--and represents time in your life (or someone you know!) where LOVE doesn't need to be the answer to happiness, but rather something to happen organically. Surround yourself with the scents of cozy Cashmere, Musk, and sweet Jasmine Essential Oil.

You're The One For Me

One of the softest and prettiest blends we've ever smelled! Moonflower Nectar is just heaven, blended with warm honey & rose this candle gives the gift of romantic throughout it's burn! Plus this candle is offered in a gold tin made with a crackling wood wick, giving the every so slight crackling sound for the sweetest ambience.

Scent :
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