Specialty Nut Snack Packs

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Nuts On The Run is a small family-owned Oregonian business. Adam and Lydia Myhoob are no strangers to the food industry. For more than 15 years they have owned and operated restaurants of Mediterranean cuisine. When Adam created his unique Rosemary Almonds for his bar customers to enjoy, it kicked off and became a customer favorite! This eventually led Adam and Lydia to create Nuts On The Run.

Bacon Garlic Almonds

Our unique recipe of sweet and savory bacon and garlic will satisfy a bacon-lovers cravings.

Sea Salt Caramel Pecans

Our caramel pecans are made with an opulent blend of organic caramel and pecans, resulting in a tasty snack that you can share with your friends.

Cinnamon Vanilla Almonds

These delicately roasted almonds are covered with a classic German combination of cinnamon, pure vanilla extract, and organic cane sugar.

Coconut Almonds

Whether served at a party or given as a gift, the crunch of our sweet Coconut Almonds will surely keep you coming back for more.

Avaliable in 2oz.

Avaliable in Bacon Garlic Almonds, Sea Salt Caramel Pecans, Cinnamon Vanilla Almonds, and Coconut Almonds.

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