Rockford Collection Candle

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Exclusively crafted with Rockford and the Golden Gem Mercantile in mind this collection embodies the spirit of our community! Each 6 oz. candle comes in an sleek white tin container, and are hand crafted with all natural ingredients. The wooden wick, phthalate-free fragrance oils, pure essential oils, and 100% natural soy wax ensure a clean and pure burn in your home for up to 20-40 hours! This collection is available in these scents: Fresh Cut Grass, Honey & Bourbon, and Tobacco & Saffron.

Scent Notes:

Fresh Cut Grass

Truly bring the first cut indoors with notes of natural essential oils of Lemon, Lemongrass, Galbanum, Palma Rosa & Clary Sage.

Honey & Bourbon

This bright and sweet scent brings a freshness to your home with Tamarind, Honey, Bourbon, Clove & Brown Sugar.

Tobacco & Saffron

Fill your home with this rich yet fresh scent of Saffron, White Tea, Orchid, Tobacco, Vanilla & Tonka Bean.

Scent :
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