Milk Bottle Candles

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With a big barn and no cows, the "Barn Crew" at Milk Reclamation Barn had room for their hobbies and artistic expression. After years of hosting candle making parties with friends and family, what started as a passion later grew into a small side business and continued to grow from there. Each soy candle is truly "barn made" in small batches to ensure these beautifully scented farm themed candles are high quality. Hint to relight these candles: As the candle burns down, relighting can be a bit tricky. You can light the end of a piece of dry spaghetti pasta to reach the wick. Stop burning candle when wax is 1/2 inch from bottom.

Bedtime Story 

Unwind with the scents of relaxing lavender and calming chamomile.

Clothesline Linen 

Soft cotton warmed by the sun with hints of lavender, peach, and coconut.

Available in 13oz.

Scent :
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