Riley's Duo Chocolates

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Spokandy Chocolatier prides themselves in quality existing in each and every piece of candy and is hand packed into each and every box. Quality will not be sacrificed at any cost. Customers can be assured that they are getting the finest chocolate produced in the Pacific Northwest. Each chocolate is made in the tradition that began centuries ago and will be carried for centuries to come. 

Milk Chocolate Mousse Mini Truffle

This ganache center consists of cream, butter and milk chocolate that is coated in milk chocolate and topped with dark chocolate stripes. 

Milk Chocolate Huckleberry Creams

We have taken real Northwest huckleberries and blended them with Spokandy vanilla cream. Blending the two creates the perfect balance of sweet and tart. Then these Northwest favorites are drenched in pure milk chocolate. Finally each piece are foiled beautifully.

Milk Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels

You may not want to share these favorites. Spokandy has taken their 100 year old vanilla
caramel recipe & drenched each piece in pure milk chocolate. Then this Spokandy favorite is topped with sea salt. Oh My! The perfect balance of sweet & salty.

Available in 1 oz. package of two chocolates.

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