Pure Lavender Oil

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All Fawcett Farm Lavender products are home grown, harvested, and made fresh right here in Spokane, Washington!

This great smelling, pure essential oil is ideal for a multitude of uses for the body and around the home! Comes in a 10 mL bottle.

Ingredients: pure lavender oil. 

Oil Uses:

  • Use as a natural household cleaner for fragrance with anti-bacterial properties.
  • Add to bath water, massage oils, oil diffusers, directly on the skin at pressure points, etc. as a sleep aid, for aromatherapy, for relaxation, and to relieve a multitude of emotional stressors.
  • Use as a medicinal product to alleviate pain and reduce scarring from cuts, burns, and insect bites; to help heal skin conditions like athletes foot, eczema, dermatitis, acne.
  • Add to your favorite skincare or haircare routine as a natural detoxifier, disinfectant, and a boost of hydration to your skin and hair.
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    Pure Lavender Oil
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