Fire Bellow Straw

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Selkirk Design Collapsible Fire Bellow Straw for Starting Camp Fires - Stainless Steel with New Redesigned and Engineered Mouthpiece - Expands from 5” to 25”

Start Fires Easy!!

- 100% High quality stainless steel makes our Fire Bellow Straw waterproof.

- Redesigned and engineered mouthpiece fits your mouth for comfort when blowing oxygen directly into the fire.

- Fire Bellow Straw has a smooth action and expands from a compact 5” to 25” fully extended keeping your face out of fire and smoke.

- Ultralight weight: Only 1.3oz with case.

- Essential gear for camping, backpacking, hunting and backcountry survival. Makes starting a fire easy.

- Compact, comfortable and safe to use.

- Fits easily into any survival kit or bug-out bag.

- Directing oxygen to the base of the fire greatly enhancing the fuel immediately increasing flames and ember bed for a successful fire.

- Includes two Fire Bellow Straws and two carrying cases.

Fire Bellow Straw
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