Dry Black Beans

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Five generations ago the Mader Family started farming. Their farm operations span across the southeast part of Washington State and are headquartered in Pullman, Washington. They believe in quality instead of quantity. They take raw food product and clean it into food grade edible product.

Clear Creek Black Beans are sourced from a Washington State farm. Locally grown, Pacific Northwest products like the bulk black beans are the perfect pantry staple.

Palouse Brand's black beans are grown in some of the richest soils in the Pacific Northwest, producing a fresh taste and texture. Dried black beans are easy to use in the kitchen, without prior soaking they cook within 45 minutes, though the time can be shortened if pre-soaked. These beautiful beans have a dense meaty texture and hold their shape well after being cooked. They are amazing in black bean burgers, turkey black bean chili, bean burritos, and refried black beans.

Available in 4lb. bag.

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Dry Black Beans
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