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Your pups will love Shameless Pets' dog treats! Made from upcycled ingredients to reduce food waste and provide quality treats free from grain, corn, and soy! Your pals will enjoy their soft backed biscuits and their jerky bites. Jerky bites available in 5 oz. bags in 4 flavors: Chick'n Colada, Duck-Tato, Moo Lobsta, Salmon Loves Butternut. Soft baked biscuits available in 6 oz. bags in 8 flavors: Applenoon Delight; Bananas For Bacon; Blueberried Treasure; Break An Egg; Clucken' Carrots; Duck, Duck, Beet; Lobster Roll(Over); and Pumpkin Nut Partay.

Jerky Bites:

Chick'n Colada

Plan your escape to the tropics for a clucking good time!  While these bites support your pup’s skin & coat, it won’t prevent that first-day-at-the-beach sunburn.  We use humanely raised chicken which means they get feed that doesn’t plump up the volume with growth hormones and space where they can throw feathers to the wind.


You may want to take shelter when these jerky bites spin up your furry tornado.  After the storm settles you’ll be relieved to know these bites also support digestive health.  We use cage free duck so you don’t have to ask “What the duck?” when it comes to nutrition.

Moo Lobsta

Everyone needs to eat Moo jerky.  Especially if it includes lobster.  The added hip & joint support will help your pup tear up the turf or hit the surf.  Using grass-fed beef provides a trifecta of benefits - better for your pup, the cow, and the planet.

Salmon Loves Butternut

We're combining our wild-caught salmon with our upcycled butternut squash + sweet potatoes, to make for one hell of a new jerky treat for your pup. And the benefits besides drool-worthy taste? The butternut squash and sweet potatoes act as aids for digestion, while the salmon, rich in omega-3s, vitamins, and minerals will give your pup's coat a nice, luscious shine.

Soft Baked Biscuits:

Applenoon Delight:

We all need a little treat in the afternoon. Give your little monster one of these great treats to satisfy their cravings!  A delicious combo of apples and peanut butter powered with pea protein boosted with a dash of turmeric.  Turmeric is a powerful antioxidant which may serve as a natural aid in reducing your pup’s joint inflammation.

Bananas For Bacon

Sweet bananas, real bacon, and a hint of peanut butter. A treat fit for a furry king (or queen). These will have your pup saying - "Thank you. Thank you very much". Given how the king liked his style, these treats also help support your pup's coat!

Blueberried Treasure

No need to dig up bones in the backyard—that be blueberried treasure here! So much goodness hiding right in these treats including a boost of antioxidants from berry and chia that is topped off with mint for fresh breath. Share the wealth and show your pet how much they mean to you.

Break An Egg

Start the day off right and reward that fuzzy little alarm clock with a delicious treat that tastes great and is baked with a calcium boost for bone health.

Clucken' Carrots

You know you picked a winner of a treat when those big puppy dog eyes look up at you and say "are you clucking kidding me? More!". Knowing these treats also support fresh breath gives you even more of a reason to flip 'em another one.

Duck, Duck, Beet

Get ready, get set, go! These treats will have your pup running circles trying to catch more. Good thing these also support healthy digestion.

Pumpkin Nut Partay

Who doesn't love a good party? That is...a good PAR-TAY in their mouth! That's why we packed pumpkin and peanut butter into one little treat, so your pup can join in on the fun.

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