Sausage Blend

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Since 1996 The Coeur d'Alene Dressing Company has offered gourmet dressings and sauces to the Pacific Northwest and beyond.


Hot Italian Sausage Blend or Rub

This blend is robust and bold. We don't usually like anyting to "hot" but something about this keeps us coming back for more. Not so hot you get a burn, but definitely, your lips will "humm" with warm. Our 10 ounce pouch seasons up to 10 pounds meat. Also a great rub for chicken, ribs etc.

Sweet Italian Sausage Blend or Rub

A little sweet, a little warm. Just right to make spaghetti sauce with or to rub on a roast. Use your own game or have your butcher grind pork. Our 12 ounce pouch seasons up to 10 pounds meat. Makes a great chicken rub too.

Avaliable in select sizes for each flavor. 

Avaliable in Breakfast Sage, Hot Italian and Sweet Italian.

Flavor :
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