Dry Dip/Dressing Mix

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Since 1996 The Coeur d'Alene Dressing Company has offered gourmet dressings and sauces to the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

Creamy Ranch Dry Dip and Dressing Mix

Sweet cream makes this extra creamy, without the vinegar bite of some ranch dressings. Great as a dip or serve on baked potatoes. or as a pasta salad dressing. Thin with a little milk for a great salad dressing, or combine with Russian Dressing for another tasty salad dressing. 1 ounce packet = 4 cups.

Bleu Cheese Dry Dip and Dressing Mix

You'll love this bleu cheese mix, even if you normally don't like bleu cheese dressing. It’s got the wonderful flavor of bleu cheese without the strong bite or smell. It has a subtle blend of bleu cheese and spices in one package, with little chunks of bleu cheese in another package. Does not require refrigeration until prepared. Great for camping. Use on salads or with veggies, chips or crackers. A tasty dip for Buffalo Wings. 2 ounce packet = 2 1/2 cups.

Garden Spinach Dry Dip Mix

Spinach combined with six other veggies makes this a full-bodied dip for chips or veggies. Add mashed avacado or artichoke for another unique flavor. Great base for clam dip too! 1 ounce packet = 3 cups

Toasted Onion & Chive Dry Dip Mix

Mix with mayo and sour cream. Chips and baked potatoes come alive with this blend of chives and toasted onions. Can be used as a seasoning for beef roast or cabbage soup. 1 ounce packet = 4 cups. 

Zesty Dill Dry Dip and Dressing Mix

A great dill flavor for dipping, or thinned as a salad dressing. Good for pasta or potato salad. Makes a great sauce for steamed vegies or fish. 1 ounce packet = 3 cups.

Available in 1oz. (Bleu Cheese 2oz)

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