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Since 1996 The Coeur d'Alene Dressing Company has offered gourmet dressings and sauces to the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

Ginger Dressing

This zesty dressing is made with freshly ground ginger. We don’t add soy sauce or other flavors that mask the sharp, fresh taste of ginger, and we’ve found the right balance so that it’s not hot. This delicious dressing is non-dairy, naturally low in fat, calories and sodium, gluten free, and has no MSG. 

Apricot Dijon Dressing

Apricot nectar combined with a splash of Dijon mustard, a taste of honey and a hint of Italian makes this dressing stand out. Can be used as a salad dressing, dipping sauce or grilling sauce. Use as a "honey mustard" dressing or "Italian" dressing. This delicious dressing is non-dairy, naturally low  in fat, calories and sodium with no MSG. Gluten free. 

Toasted Poppy Dressing

This creamy dressing’s nutty flavor comes from toasted poppy seeds and is enhanced by grated orange peel and green onion. With a base of lemon and orange, makes a terrific marinade for veggies. Like most of our other dressings, this one is non-dairy, naturally low in fat, calories and sodium, gluten free, and has no MSG. 

Russian Dressing

A rich, robust, red dressing, with a slightly sweet, tangy taste, enhanced with garlic and coarse ground black pepper. This award winning dressing is non-dairy, gluten free, MSG-free, and naturally low in fat and calories. 

Huckleberry Dressing

A wonderful, fruity dressing made with loads of wild, hand-picked Idaho mountain huckleberry's. You'll taste the huckleberry's first, then a hint of ginger. Our dressing is a little sweeter and thicker than a vinaigrette so makes a great glaze or dipping sauce. This out-of-the-ordinary dressing is not only delicious, it's not-dairy, naturally lo in fat, calories and sodium, gluten free and has no MSG. Turn any ordinary lettuce into an entrée salad with personality. Makes a unique, fruity taste for coleslaw.

 Available in 12oz.

Available in Ginger, Apricot Dijon, Toasted Poppy, Russian, Lo-Sugar Russian, and Huckleberry.

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