Mint Tote

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Quality is the finest product of Spokandy today. Quality exists in each and every piece of candy and is hand packed into each and every box. Quality will not be sacrificed at any cost. Customers can be assured that they are getting the finest chocolate produced in the Pacific Northwest. Each chocolate is made in the tradition that began centuries ago and will be carried for centuries to come. 

Chocolate & Green Mint Tote

Look out chocolate lovers! We have taken our famous green pastel mint and layered it with our pure milk chocolate and flavored with pure peppermint.  Individually wrapped in a 4 oz. tote gift box! 

White Green White Mint Tote

One of our Best Sellers, packaged in a 4 oz. tote gift box! These smooth and creamy mints start with white coating, colored softly in green pastels then flavored with pure peppermint oil. These are individually wrapped mints.

Available in 4oz. 

Available in Chocolate & Green Mint and White Green White Mint.

Flavor :
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