Bag Balm Hand & Skin Moisturizer
Bag Balm is an incredibly versatile, long-lasting moisturizer with time tested simple ingredients. Their formula has been working hard to repair skin since 1899. Everywhere, skin needs more than what your average dime-store moisturizer can give it. That's why there’s Bag Balm: the legendary rescue...
from $5.99
Red Heat Lamp Bulb
This bulb is made to be used with a 10.5-inch reflector lamp and is designed to provide enough heat for small flocks. The red bulb helps disguise blood to protect injured chicks from further pecking. This red heat lamp has a...
Clear Heat Lamp Bulb
This bulb is made to be used with a 10.5-inch reflector lamp and is designed to provide enough heat for small flocks, it can be conveniently used in many situations. This clear heat lamp has a cETL and CE certified...
Wrap-It-Up Cohesive Flexible Bandage
Economical cohesive flexible bandage. 4 inch wide x 5 yards (stretched). Features a stretchy and flexible material that works great as a bandage. This vet wrap can be used on horses, pets, livestock, or humans!
Spartan Mosquito Killer
Take back your outdoor space with the Spartan Mosquito Eradicator. Deploy Spartan Mosquito Eradicators as soon as the weather begins to warm to create a barrier to “catch” hunting mosquitoes by emitting the same attractant triggers that draw mosquitoes to...
Rescue Disposable Fly Trap
The RESCUE! Disposable Fly Trap gets rid of common nuisance or filth flies -- hundreds of the most prevalent species including house flies, false stable flies, blow flies, blue and green bottle flies, flesh flies, face flies and many others. Inside the RESCUE! Disposable Fly Trap is...
Poultry & Game Bird Waterer
**********     SHIPPING UNAVAILABLE FOR THIS ITEM     ********** The Little Giant Automatic Chicken Waterer are large-capacity and feature a vaccum-sealing O-ring that creates an automatic water flow. Dent proof Heavy duty translucent plastic Easy-fill jar snaps on to base...
from $42.99
Poultry Feeder
**********     SHIPPING UNAVAILABLE FOR THIS ITEM     ********** This is a great Poultry Feeder designed exclusively for the hobbyist. The built-in Feed Saver Ring minimizes spillage and prevents wasted food. Holds up to 15 pounds of feed. Durable one-piece...
Enclosed Feed Scoop - Red
The best all-around scoop you will ever use. Enclosed design reduces spillage and measuring is easy with built-in graduation marks which are perfect for feed, supplements and seed. The flat bottom allows you to set the scoop down without tipping...
  • Blue
  • Red
Rescue Disposable Yellowjacket Trap
The disposable trap is effective in targeting and trapping all of the major species of yellowjackets found in North America. It’s perfect for picnics and camping trips. The insects simply follow their instincts, enter the trap and drown in the liquid inside....
ZoGuard Plus for Dogs
Breaks the flea life cycle by killing all stages of fleas: Eggs, Larvae, and Adults. This provides a well-rounded flea treatment for dogs. The SAME amount of the SAME active ingredients delivering the SAME dog flea and tick control for...
Brooder Reflector Heat Lamp
This 10.5-inch reflector lamp is made with a corrosion-resistant aluminum shade and has a built-in hanger so that it can be conveniently used in many situations. It is cULus Listed. This lamp features a heat resistant ceramic socket and double...
Chicken and Poultry Beginner Kit
Included: Red Heat Lamp - This kit includes a cULus Listed 10.5" brooder reflector lamp plus cETL and CE Certified 250W red heat lamp bulb Chick Feeder - The 1.5-lb. plastic poultry chick feeder feeds your chicks once they hatch. Chick Waterer -...
Tomcat Mouse Killer
Tomcat Mouse Killer Child and Dog Resistant, Refillable Station effectively kills up to 12 mice* with one bait block while providing Tomcat's highest level of station security. Resistant to weather and tampering by children and pets, the reusable station gives...
Stainless Steel Pet Dish
Without a doubt, stainless steel makes the very best dog feeding dish. This rugged bowl won't absorb food odors and is easy to keep clean. Use these stainless steel pet bowls for food or water. We recommend buying 2 bowls,...
from $3.99
Durvet DuraMask Equine Fly Mask
This durable fly mask provides valuable protection from flies and other biting insects while enabling clear vision. It offers a comfortable fit with fleece edges and a double-locking fastener hidden under the jaw.
Fly Rod Holder
"On The Fly - Fly Rod Holder" by SELKIRK DESIGN is a simple, compact Fly Rod & Reel Holder that attaches to any vehicle and is multi-functional.   FEATURES: Soft close-cell foam Durable abs-textured finish Multi-saddle design fits most fly reels and rods...
Hanging Food System
The Ultralight Food Hanging System by SELKIRK DESIGN is a complete system for hanging food & gear.  Fill the ROCK SOK with a few small rocks, then use the ropes and carabiners to create a simple pulley system that easily hoists...
Bond Poly Fan Rake
**********     SHIPPING UNAVAILABLE FOR THIS ITEM     ********** Design specificity-that is the hallmark of our shovel and rake selection. 30" Poly Fan Rake. Our digging products also come in a range of materials, from contractor-grade steel to versatile fiberglass.
Plastic Bucket - Blue
Round plastic bucket. Polyethylene resin is impact resistant, protects against war page and helps prevent stress cracks. Heavy-duty wire bail. Makes hauling heavy loads of water or feed a lot easier. Stable tested tough. Available in 8 Quarts. Available in...
  • Blue
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Miller Floating De-Icer 1000 W
The Floating De-Icer will keep a stock tank completely ice-free all winter. The thermostatic control coupled with thermal feedback protects the unit from overheating, and ensures efficient operation. The stainless steel heating element is positioned above the thermostat for safey...
Trough-O-Matic Stock Tank Float Valve
Little Giant Trough-O-Matic Float Valves automatically control the water level for most plastic and metal stock tanks, troughs, barrels, and pans. The all-metal valve flows up to 245 gallons per hour and operates at pressure between 20 and 50 psi....
Calf Bottle w/ Snap Nip
Bottle is sturdy and sanitary, made of FDA-approved, food-grade polyethylene plastic that is durable yet translucent enough so you can see the content level. Nipple is made with a special rubber formula to prolong nipple life and improve pliability. Handy...
Freeze Miser
The Freeze Miser® operates like the thermostat in your home. After installation, it senses the internal water temperature arriving to the faucet not the air temperature. The Freeze Miser® activates when the water temperature drops below 37º F/3º C. No water is...
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