Fire Starter Kit
Selkirk Design’s Fire Starter Kit has 192 Fire Starters, 2 Stormproof Match Containers and a Fire Bellow Straw with Case. Perfect For Starting Campfires, Woodstoves, Fireplace, BBQs and Grills. Non-Toxic, Odorless and Weatherproof. - Fire Starter Kit is a complete...
Fly Rod Holder
"On The Fly - Fly Rod Holder" by SELKIRK DESIGN is a simple, compact Fly Rod & Reel Holder that attaches to any vehicle and is multi-functional.   FEATURES: Soft close-cell foam Durable abs-textured finish Multi-saddle design fits most fly reels and rods...
Fire Bellow Straw
Selkirk Design Collapsible Fire Bellow Straw for Starting Camp Fires - Stainless Steel with New Redesigned and Engineered Mouthpiece - Expands from 5” to 25” Start Fires Easy!! - 100% High quality stainless steel makes our Fire Bellow Straw waterproof....
Hanging Food System
The Ultralight Food Hanging System by SELKIRK DESIGN is a complete system for hanging food & gear.  Fill the ROCK SOK with a few small rocks, then use the ropes and carabiners to create a simple pulley system that easily hoists...
Reusable Cold Brew Coffee Filter
Perfect for your hiking adventure, big or small. Easy to use, brew on the go! Use it at the campground, local watering hole, or during your travels where glass is not as welcomed. When you aren't brewing, enjoy your bottle...
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