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Revival Tea Company is a local tea company in Spokane, WA, specializing in Craft Tea. They have over 60 different teas which require some 200 different ingredients. The owners strive in having the highest quality ingredients which is why they are sourced from more than 30 countries. 

Black Tea

The base black tea for most of our Black Tea blends such as our Fresh Crafted Spiced Chai, Mango Tea, and Earl Grey, this Flowery Orange Pekoe Chinese Black Tea is only the highest grade leaves from the Camellia Sinensis plant. 100% Flowery Orange Pekoe Black Tea.

Earl Grey 

Made famous by Charles Grey (2nd Earl Grey) of England, this popular Bergamot Tea combines our dark malty Flowery Orange Pekoe Black tea with with the indigo splash of Cornflower Petals and All Natural Bergamot flavoring. Aside from Earl Grey's stunning visuals, this classic tea combines the sweet and succulent aroma of Bergamot along with the maltiness of black tea with a hint of fruitiness.

English Breakfast

Named for the rich history of being served with a hearty English Breakfast; our English Breakfast blend is a mixture of strong Black Teas that create a full-bodied and robust infusion. Much like a cup of coffee, English Breakfast is high in caffeine content with the blend of Assam, Ceylon, Kenyan, and Keemun Black teas. This is a cup that is sure to get your day started!

Tropical Green 

Our Tropical Green uses Japanese Sencha as its core; a green tea with slender leaves that produces a yellow cup and naturally sweet flavor. The Sencha is accompanied by pineapple pieces and colorful cornflower petals to make a sensational tea!

Wild Berry Hibiscus

With an exciting and vibrant red cup, our Wild Berry Hibiscus embodies the spirit of a lush basket of summer fruit; packed with flavor and complete with health benefits! This herbal tea combines the nourishing goodness of rose hips with the antioxidant properties of the elderberry, resulting in a mild but lasting tart fruit taste. Adding the fragrance of blooming hibiscus petals creates a pleasurable floral bouquet for this nutritious infusion!

Available in a 24 ct. bag of tea bags.

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