UnBugz-It Bandana

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The UnBugz-It permethrin-treated bandana keeps your four-legged pal mosquito, tick, flea, and fly free without any harsh chemicals. This naturally occurring pesticide occurs is infused within the fabric of the bandana to provide a mess-free, stylish, effective and safe form of insect protection! These machine washable bandanas keep your pups protected all season long as the treated fabric lasts dozens of washes!

Unlike topical repellents like bug sprays and powders, the UnBugz-It treatment puts insect repellency near your dog’s skin, instead of directly on it. So no need for constant re-application of sticky or flaky mess or putting chemicals into your dog’s system.

Best of all, the insects don’t have to bite for the protection to work. The UnBugz-It Bandana wards off a variety of pesky and dangerous insects before they can cause any damage or reactions.

Whether you and your dog are hiking in the woods or gardening in the backyard, the UnBugz-It Bandana will get your dog ready to go explore the great outdoors, while keeping the outdoors off your dog.

Available in Small, Medium, Large, or X-Large.

Available in Blue, Orange, or Red.

 Size: Bandana Size: Neck Size:
Small 5.5" x 4" 7" - 10"
Medium 10" x 7" 13.5" - 15"
Large 13" x 8" 18" - 21.5"
X-Large 16" x 10" 20" - 26.5"

Color :
Size :
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