Country Acres All Stock
Purina Country Acres All Stock Feed is an economic feed solution for cattle, goats and sheep is nutritionally balanced to supplement forage deficiencies. Supplies protein and energy for optimal performance.
Country Acres Sweet Mix Plus
Sweet Mix Plus for Horses, Beef Cattle, Goats and Sheep
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Purina Precon Complete
Fed as the sole ration, this pelleted feed, which includes roughage, is highly palatable and nutrient dense, getting light or moderate weight calves eating quickly to restore nutrients lost through the stress of weaning and shipping. It contains RX3® Immune Support...
Purina Wind and Rain All Season
Purina’s Wind and Rain® All Season Minerals are available as a comprehensive line of beef cattle minerals designed to address the mineral deficiencies of the available forage, in a palatable, weather-resistant, granular formula. Wind and Rain® Storm® cattle minerals’ large particle size and special...
Purina Wind and Rain Hi-Mag
Purina’s Wind and Rain® High Magnesium Mineral is designed for cattle grazing lush pastures. A unique manufacturing process ensures more consistent intake and adequate levels of magnesium. 
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Purina Wind and Rain Fly Control
Purina’s Wind and Rain® Storm® Fly Control mineral with Altosid® (Insect Growth Regulator) prevents the breeding of horn flies in the manure of treated cattle. Wind and Rain® Storm® cattle minerals’ large particle size and special formulation keeps the mineral from absorbing water and blowing out...
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Purina High Octane Fitter 52 Supplement
High Octane® Fitter 52™ supplement is formulated as a very high protein supplement to affect leanness. Designed to quickly promote muscle synthesis and definition, it's proprietary ingredient blend and can be fed to all show livestock species. 
Purina High Octane Depth Charge Supplement
Highly palatable. Helps promote a full physical appearance. Can be fed to all Show livestock species. Helps keep animals fuller when limit feeding.
Purina High Octane Champion Drive Topdress
Cutting-edge nutrition for the ultimate Show look. Highly palatable. Power-packed ingredients to unleash full potential.
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Purina High Octane Fitter 35 Topdress
High protein supplement for all species and classes of Show animals. Helps support lean tissue growth. No added copper – can be fed to sheep. Helps with muscle development – all species. Can be used as a complete feed for pigs when managing weight...
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Purina High Octane Power Fuel Topdress
Highly Palatable. Essential Fatty Acids: For the Overall Health & Look of Your Show Animal. Contains Tasco®: Important During Periods of Stress.
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Purina High Octane Heavy Weight Topdress
Extremely palatable high fat supplement. Supplemental energy for all species. Helps soften muscle and promotes healthy hair and skin.
Sweetlix Bloat Guard Block
For control of legume (alfalfa, clover) bloat in cattle when consumed at the indicated rate. Protects against frothy bloat in legume and wheat pastures when used as directed. Allows worry-free utilization of high quality legume pastures. Consistent consumption results in...
American Stockman Solar Medium Salt
Solar Medium contains our largest cut crystals. We use standard solar evaporation technology from the Great Salt Lake and kiln drying for 99.7% purity. For all classes of beef and dairy cattle, sheep, pigs and horses.
Liquamycin LA-200 Antibiotic
Sterile, ready-to-use, broad-spectrum antibiotic for use in beef cattle, dairy cattle, calves including preruminating (veal) calves, and swine. Approved for use in lactating dairy cows. Effective in treating a wide range of diseases caused by susceptible gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria...
Durvet Penicillin Injectable
Indicated for the treatment of pneumonia and shipping fever in cattle and sheep, erysipelas in swine, and strangles in horses. Each ml of Penicillin Injectable contains 300,000 units of Penicillin G Procaine. Penicillin G Procaine has long been regarded as...
Calf-Manna Supplement
The Manna Pro 1000103 Calf-Manna Supplement has been part of the community for over 80 years, helping your animals grow healthy and strong. This calf-manna supplement delivers a wide range of benefits to all types of animals and life stages....
DuraFend Multi-Species Type C Medicated Dewormer
Type C medicated dewormer pellets for the control and removal of worms in beef and dairy cattle, horses, and zoo and wildlife animals. Top-dress or mix with feed. 
Ivermectin Pour-On
Ivermectin Pour-On for cattle is indicated for the treatment and control of gastrointestinal roundworms (including inhibited Ostertagia ostertagi), grubs, flies, sucking and biting lice, and sarcoptic mange mites in cattle.
Revenge Horse & Stable Fly Spray
REVENGE® Horse & Stable Fly Spray protects livestock from flying insects. This water-based formula protects horses, beef & dairy cattle, goats, sheep, swine, poultry, and dogs. Can be sprayed directly on livestock when used as directed.
Revenge Pour-On Fly & Lice Control
Controls lice and flies on beef cattle, lactating and non-lactating dairy cattle and calves when applied as a pour-on, mist spray, or via back rubber application. Controls keds and lice on sheep and lambs when applied as a pour-on. Controls...
Fly Rid Plus Spray
FlyRid® Plus is a multi-species, multi-purpose insect control spray that provides powerful yet safe protection against harmful pests.  This ready-to-use permethrin product is for use directly on animals (horses, dogs, goats, sheep, hogs, beef and dairy cattle), their premises (barns,...
Triox Antimicrobial Spray
Treat your pets and livestock with the best first aid antiseptic on the market. Triox® kills 99.99% of bacteria, viruses, & fungi. Patented Tablet Formula: Just Add Water. Kills 99% of Bacteria, Viruses & Fungi (Including Ringworm). Stimulates Rapid Healing &...
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