Amish Chicken Tractors

Each Coop Is Built By Hand

Enclosed wire run, steel roof, water-proofed floor, roosting rods, nesting boxes, wheels with handles and much more.

Size & Prices

  • 4x8 No Run, 8-9 Hens, $675
  • 3x7 With Run, 6-7 Hens, $825
  • 4x8 With Run, 8-9 Hens, $925
  • Limo Coop, 18 Hens, $1275

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Checklist For New Chicks

Everything you need to bring your new chicks home and keep them healthy and happy.

  • Safe, clean, draft-free room or building
  • Heat lamps and/or brooder stove
  • Litter, hydro straw, or shavings
  • Brooder guard
  • Feeders
  • Waterers
  • Sanitizing solution
  • Cleaning brushes
  • Rake
  • Pitchfork or shovel (large arenas)
  • Egg flats or shallow pans
  • 25-watt incandescent or equivalent CFL or LED light bulbs
  • Chick starter or grower
  • Thermometer

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I know if my chicks are cold?

     Too cold and they'll huddle around the heat. Too hot and they'll sprawl out around the brooder.

What kind of bedding should I use?

     We recommend using a straw or pellet based bedding while young. Wood based bedding produces a dust that is not healthy for chicks and cause small wood slivers to be swallowed.

Should I feed my chick a medicated or non medicated feed?

     This is your choice. We recommend a medicated feed for the first 2-3 weeks of life. All chicks from the Golden Gem are feed a medicated feed and are provided a supplement in there water upon arrival. 

When can I feed my chickens Layer feed?

   Chickens can begin eating layer mix as soon as they start attempting to lay eggs. This typically begins at 6 months old.

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Chick Policy & Special Orders

All chick sales are final. These are live animals and we cannot control the chicks environment outside of the store. Once the chick has left our location they are non refundable.

We can special order chicks!

  • Minimum 10 chicks of same breed
  • Chicks must be picked up on morning of arrival. As we cannot place them with store chicks, they will be confined to there box and need water and feed as soon as possible
  • Arrival will be Thursdays at 9 am, we will issue reminder calls on Wednesday
  • Special order chicks must be pre paid for
  • We are not responsible for the health of special order chicks and cannot offer refunds 
  • Breed availability based on hatchery schedule